Fitness Applications

What Is Mobile Health And Fitness Applications?

The health applications are programs that will offer you to solve health related issues. You can access these apps even at your home or anywhere you want. There are many plenties of health apps are available in the app store (IOS) and also in play store (Android). Some apps will help the user to guide the fitness, diet, first aid and so on. Apps like afar are contributed to communicating with doctor and patients and in some apps, for a diabetic person can send glucose to get reading form physicians. Even in some apps, you can learn about the medicine details.

Facts About Health Applications

  • 97,000 + and health and fitness apps are available in both IOS and Android stores.
  • Mobile health applications market estimate a turn over of 26 billion$ by 2017
  • In the age between 18 to 29 have health apps on their smartphones.
  • In the age between 30 to 49 have health apps on their smartphones.
  • 52% of users gather health information through the mobile applications.
  • In 2017, 50% of medical apps are downloaded.

Do Doctors Trust Mobile Health Apps?

Mobile apps

  • Overall of 40% of physicians believe this app technology can reduce the number of visitors to the hospital.
  • 93% of doctor is accepting that the mobile apps are improving the user health.
  • 93% of physicians think that the mobile apps can be useful to connect when there is an emergency.
  • 25% of the doctors use the mobile apps to give patient

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These mobile apps will be helpful to reach the maximum number of peoples by marketing it.

  • Through this health apps, you can send a notification, or you can remind the patients to make an appointment.
  • The user can get the contact details of a physician who owns the app.